We assess where you are and get you to the next level in your career.

ACTORS: We find you the right representation to fit where you are in your career from the beginning actor to the Series Regular.  We find the most strategic relationship and create a partnership.  There is a place for everyone and sometimes you just need the right guide to find that.  We make it happen.

FILMMAKERS: We guide you through the process of production to make your project enticing to buyers.  From development through Post production we find you the right International and Domestic Sales Rep for your project to get maximum exposure and generate maximum returns.

FOR ACTORS: 1) We assess where you are: Materials from Resume’ Photos, demo reel or audition clips, auditioning, who you met with where you are from what else you have done in life to make to stand out from the crowd and define your “Brand” what separates you from the pack.

*For newer actors no need to worry if you don’t have all of these things we find ways to build this.  If you don’t have a reel / or a good reel which most newer actors don’t we have you put your best audition on tape.  Something that really defines you.  We take all the walls down and just want you to speak through the character showing what you have to offer and who you really are.  We have coaches, that work with our actors to get them as strong and powerful and electric as possible because the first step is “TO BE GOOD”!  Then everything else is pretty easy.

2) GAME PLAN – We strategically go through all the potentials for agents and managers to fit who you are and where you are in your career.  Newer actors want to shoot for reps that are experts in getting the career building credits.  TV Co-Stars and small scenes in movies to start building your reel and IMDB credits and gain a little traction.  Mid Level actors want reps that are experts at getting them in on Guest Starring TV roles and Supporting roles in Films and Professional Actors want to make sure they are with reps that can open the bigger doors for them and generate some heat around their names.

3) PARTNERSHIPS: With all groups you need to find a partnership.  It’s all about Access and Passion.  you need a rep big enough to have access to get you in the audition rooms and personal enough where they have passion about you.  Too many actors get caught in a situation where they are with reps to far over their head that have access but no passion because they are the bottom of their client list.  The Biggest “name” rep doesn’t always mean the best for everyone.  They have a job and it’s a business and if you aren’t making them money or your not on the hook to make them money in the next couple months you get the equivalent amount of time.  On the opposite end, if you are super high on your reps passion list but they dont have the pull to get you in the doors it does you no good either.  It’s our job together to figure out the best representation situation where it is a partnership.  Not too big-and not too small but creating a great team and working relationship.

4) STRATEGY SESSION:  We go through lists and figure out what reps need your type.  Some may have too many of your general type but in some situations that could also be a good thing if the company is known by casting as having your “type”, but it could also be a problem if they have 2-3 other people in your type when it comes to pitching a project.  They can’t say one is the best and you have to see him for this role and then turn and say it about 5 other clients for the same role.  Again – there are exceptions to this rule but you want to make sure your with people that put you in the conversation.

Some actors try to jump to too big of a rep and get demoralized if they don’t sign with the best off the bat, but as I said – It’s a business so just think about it from their side of the desk.  Some smaller companies with a more personal client list might give you more attention.  For newer actors it takes patience.  You might not get a ton of auditions at first but if you have the right reps they will be strategic appointments to get you what you need to become more viable in the industry and meet the players that become fans of your work.

5) EXECUTION:  We put all this together to find the best options for you.  By going through all the TV shows and movies and pin pointing the roles you’d be right for at the level you are at.  We cross check that against their IMDB representation and try to find our best options.  These reps obviously have relationships with the casting offices that cast these projects to get their clients in and we see what other types of clients thay have an what their careers look like to this point.  It’s always best to find reps that have a lot of clients with CURRENT TV/ FILM credits.  This means their clients are CURRENTLY working and they have relationships with these offices to get clients in.

OVERALL:  There are many different options and we assess the clients current situation to see how we can best get them to the next level in their career.  The #1 thing the client needs to bring us is passion by currently studying their craft.  Forward momentum and positive energy creates success.

Be an EXPERT in your CRAFT and everything else will be easy!

ACTOR:  COACHING –  DEVELOPMENT – PLACEMENT (they all go hand in hand)

PRO ACTORS LAB: “Play like a Champion”  Be an expert in your craft and success will find you!

We believe actors need to train like athletes in this competitive market.  Everyone is good but what separates the working actors from the non working actors is practice.  You need to keep the skills sharp to be able to perform and book at the highest possible level.  There is a great saying of 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything.  People hire Experts!

If your not getting better you’re getting worse so we devised a Pro Actors lab and series of workouts to get the actor Powerful, Electric, Confident, Full, Free, Driven and Focused to do their best most relaxed work for auditions.  That is the job!  Don’t be nervous when you get an audition, be excited. We take you through a series of exercises to unleash your maximum potential and guarantee you will get better and more confident and free in your work.  Don’t wait till your next audition to workout.  Practice, Practice, Practice.

Consultation: 5 hours (Assessment /  Consultation / Gameplan / Strategy session / Execution)


PRODUCTION:  TV Series / Features / Pitch Pilots / Trailers / Movies / Web Series / IMDB / SAG / Festivals

Scripts – Writers:

The script is the foundation of your entire project. If this foundation isn’t laid correctly, the entire ensuing process could end up a disaster. Is your script perfect? Is it what Distributors and Buyers are looking for? Is it what Name talent would want to attach themselves to, no matter what the budget because the characters are so well defined and pop off the page?  We help punch up your script from a distribution standpoint, we also provide detailed notes on how to make your script enticing to buyers in the end game. Packaging, partnerships and co-productions if needed. Too many writers sell themselves short by making a great script into a poor production. We guide you along the path to get the right players involved to ensure your film is production ready.


We will help you find the best locations for you to shoot according to your script’s message and feel. Finding a good location is one of the most difficult parts of the planning process for film. Our connections will take that burden off your shoulders. STATE TAX BREAKS and INCENTIVES. Different states offer help for Productions to maximize profits and potential, as well as partnerships that can bring key elements as locations to your projects. It’s constantly fluctuating and we stay ahead of the curve.

Cast / Forecasting:

A cast is nothing to take lightly. Certain forecasting techniques should be implemented.  Who sells best Internationally, Domestically and in your genre. We forecast 18 – 24 months down the road.

Market-Film Makers:

We will analyze market gaps for you and determine whether or not your genre / film style will be oversaturated at the time of its release and help you make adjustments accordingly. Sometimes only a minor tweak to a script can mean huge differences for how attractive it is to cast and International markets.


Many production companies don’t want to handle the entire weight of a full production for financial reasons. We find other production companies or Producers willing to partner with you or co-produce your project.

Name Value:

Signing on names with International appeal not only helps draw in revenue from foreign territories, it creates value at every level of your project. You need a great script and well defined characters and story to make it enticing to talent.

Expand and Finance – Investors:

We expand our pool of foreign and domestic investment partners, companies, individuals, product placement, and partnership opportunities. There are many other ways to get added production value and investment from sponsors, advertisers, product placement, partnerships and companies…if you give them some added value and placement in your film.



Publicity, Articles, Bios, Interviews, Press Kits etc…


Post-production Houses

Most cost-effective post-production house for your style of film and our affiliates that come in UNDER budget.

Music Licensing

Music Supervisors: We find deals for music that sets the entire stage of your story. From finding rising bands and artistic talent to helping you cut costs. Music is a huge, undeniable facet of a successful film.


We will pin-point what’s good for you and your film and what’s not. What festivals to attack and which ones to avoid. We ensure your project gets in front of the right people.

Limited Theatrical Releases:

We have relationships with theater houses cost-to-coast to help orchestrate a limited theatrical release for your finished film.